Happy Endings

Sad Beginnings & Happy Endings

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The Mighty Five make it home

Although yesterday was a day that we lost our beloved Rocky it was also a day when Diplo, the last of the Mighty 5 found his forever home!
Sometimes as rescues we can’t uunderstand why it takes so long for these perfect dogs to find their forever homes. Now I know why……It takes the right family to find them.
After obtaining hundreds of applicants and inquires on Diplo so many were denied & most were just that. Applicants! Until Amy and her family called and scheduled a meet & greet. She drove almost 2 hours each way, several times to spend time with Diplo & have him meet her dogs. It was beyond amazing!
Thank you so much for all who helped Shared Diplo! You are one lucky guy baby boy!!!! Wish you the very best! You’re beyond amazing!